What are Crystals and how can you use them in healing?

20170703_150045  Crystals are also called semi-precious gemstones. They have individually unique structures determining its energetic properties or its Vibrational signature.  The use of crystals to heal is a form of  Vibrational energy therapy known as Crystal Healing.

Crystal healing is the use of crystals placed on the body to change the energy system ( or balance and stabilize your chakras) to promote better health.

Crystals can be used for emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues. Just like there are different types of medicines to help with different ailments; crystals also are unique due to their vibrational frequencies and help aid with specefic health issues. Feel free to contact me with questions. I’m going to blog about a few different crystals over the week.

When choosing a crystal the color can be of some use in relating to what chakra it’s most beneficial with. Also a crystal you are drawn too probably means it’s a good one to use. Before use make sure to clean and charge your crystal. There are different methods including a reiki specialist. After choosing your crystal place over the general are of concern and problem and leave there for 15 minutes or so and then remove. Application of the crystal can be done on a regular basis until problem is helped. More serious issues will take longer.

** this in no way should be used in place of medical attention. Crystals are a great way to aid with medical treatment and can bring positive results. **



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