Lemongrass One of my Favorite Essential Oils

The smell of Lemongrass Essential Oil is Amazing!! Lemony and sweet all at the sametime!

Lemongrass has many theraputic properties:

Analgesic – proxies relief from pain

Anti-bacterial– stops growth of bacteria

Anti-fungal– stops growth of fungus

Anti-inflammatory/ anti-phlogistic – reduces inflammation

Anti-microbial/anti-septic reduces microbial growth

Astrigent– contracts the skin

Carminative– prevent formation of gas in GI tract

Deoderant– reduces body odor

Digestive– benefits digestion

Insecticidal– destroys insects

Insectifuge– repels insects

Nervin/neurotonic– calms the nerves

Sedative– sedates the nerves

Lemongrass ( Cymbopogon Citractus)

As far as essential oils go it is not expensive and can be used for so many different issues. A great additive to a cleaner or for skin related issues. Can help with minor pain and inflammation and also with digestion. Emotionally lemongrass can help with depression and be soothing during emotional issues. It is a great at relaxing but at the same time uplifting and energizing!

I love this oil on it’s own or in combination with other oils to boost certain health issues.

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