myself best pic Hi I’m Elizabeth Burak and I look forward to working with you. A couple  years ago I was fortunate enough to be introduced to different forms of Holistic Healing. I always lived my life the best I could; using the knowledge I had for self-care and utilizing all the medical care available to me. I suffer from numerous chronic health issues and I have found that incorporating Reiki, Crystal Vibrational Therapy (Crystal Healing), Essential Oils and other holistic therapies has made a huge difference in my life. I am not claiming that I am completely free of all my chronic health issues. I still use and practice my regular medical treatments. What I am claiming is that with the use of Holistic Healing I have reached a better place in life. Some of the “weight” I use to carry around with me has been lifted. My day-to-day life has been changed and I am happier, hopeful and more fulfilled with life. I am not just doing what I need to live, but I have actually began living. I decided to learn more about Holistic Health practices and began taking classes and acquiring certifications.

I am a certified White Light Reiki Master,  Certified in Crystal Vibrational Healing,  I am a Certified Advocate for the Safe Use of Essential Oils, Certified Essential Oil Master Blender and a Holistic Tarot Card Reader. I use my knowledge of Crystal Healing to make custom crystal jewlery and make Essential Oil products for individual needs.(Etsy shop)  or I can treat you with a Crystal Healing or Essential Oil session to balance out your chakras and promote wellness. Services Offered

I am very excited with all I have learned and look forward to continuing my education in Holistic Healing. I want to share what I have learned and help support balance and healing in your life.