SHIVA LINGUM what are the healing properties of this stone?


Shiva Lingam stones are found in the Narmada River in one of the holy sites of India in Onkar Mandhata. This stone has been a sacred and worshiped symbol of Lord Shiva. Local people of the area will polish the stones into the enlogated shape which represents the phallic symbol of  the Hindu God Shiva and his union with Kali his consort. Stones that are found in this shape natural are even more sacred and displayed in places of worship.

The shape of the stone also resembles the shape of the cosmic egg. The stones shape symbolizes the female and the male and their union in one sacred object.

This stone carries alot of energy possibly due to the stone being worshiped for centuries. When you tap into the energy of the stone you are also connecting with the sacredness of the stone.

The stone is used to activate the kundalini energy that is stored at the base of the spine from the base or Root Chakra . The energy once it is awoken will travel up the spine through the chakras ending with the Crown Chakra and directly connecting you to the Higher Self through meditation and mindfulness.

The kundalini ( life force energy also known as chi and Prana) cleanses and strengthens the enegy of the body and chakras. Once the entire power of kundalini  reaches the Crown Chakra it develops into the form of enlightenment.

Using the stone will increase the Vibration of your energy system which then leads to better overall health and well being. You will feel happier and see the more beautiful side of everything.

When using the stone for the three lower chakras it can help with infertility, menopausal symptoms, menstrual camps and aid in prostate disorders.

Using the stone for the heart chakra allows you to connect to the Divine Mind. It can aid you in forgiveness of others and help you become less judgemental of others.

Using the stone with your throat chakra helps with your connection to your etheric body and communication with your higher self.

When using the stone with the third eye chakra visionary abilities are increased and so is your direct connection to your higher self.

If you are looking to increase your Pranic Energy  and become more enlightened then incorporating this stone will be beneficial.

When using the stone with crysCrystal Healing you may combined other quartz crystals to boost your energy. Shiva Lingam works well with any quartz crystal such as:


Peach Morganite

Tiffany Stone


With all crystals become familiar with each individual stone before combining the stones together.

Happy healing!!

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What is Pranic Energy and how does it relate to Color Therapy?

truecolorsWhat is Pranic Energy  and how do we use the colors for therapy?

I wanted to explain some basic concepts about colors and energy work before I blog about the different uses and benefits of Crystals.

Pranic Energy is the life energy that keeps our bodies going. The word prana is universally recognized and the most well known representations are in Japanese as “ki” and Chinese as “chi”. The three main sources of Pranic Energy are sun, wind and ground.

The sun provides Solar energy or Solar prana. This energy energizes the body and helps to maintain good health. Obtaining this energy is as simple as exposing yourself to sunlight for 5 minutes or more and drinking water out of a glass that was exposed to sunlight for a period of time. Be careful of over exposure and take required precautions when sunbathing to protect your skin.


Air prana is simply present in the air around us. We breath in the energy through the air and this allows the energy to be absorbed by the chakras.

When you think about it, one of the key elements in meditation, yoga and other forms of centering exercises is to breath slow deep breaths. This allows us to obtain the maximum amount of energy from the air.

The last form of Pranic Energy is  Ground prana. This is simply the energy present in the ground that we can obtain through our feet. The energy is directly absorbed through our feet and dispersed through our chakra centers. Walking barefoot will increase the amount of energy that can be absorbed.

One of the fundamental things of practicing Reiki is grounding oneself. Grounding is an important part of everyday life in order to keep yourself protected and centered.

The main prana colors are white, which is a combination of all the colors, red, Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue and Violet. As you may have noticed, these colors are related to our basic Chakra Centers.


Red Prana related to the Base Chakra or Root Chakra. It is good for internal and external wounds. Such as:

– circulation

– tissue and cellular repair

– broken bones

Orange Prana  is related to the Sacral chakra.  It is good for eliminating, cleansing and loosening ailments of the body. Such as:

– kidney and bladder ailments

– Removing blood clots

– colds and lung issues

Yellow Prana is related to the Solar Plexus Chakra. This is related to digestion, immune, endocrine and nervous systems. Center of our self awarness and individuality.

Green Prana is related to the Heart chakra. It is good for seeking the truth, relationships, new starts, healing and feelings. In relation to the physical body green prana aids:

– liver

– swelling

– anti-inflammatory

– eye issues

– cysts and tumors

– diabetes


Blue Prana  is related to the Throat Chakra and Third Eye Chakra. Centers for stimulating emotions, spirituality, higher mind and communication. In relation to the body:

– anti-bacterial

– anti-infection

– headaches

– communication

– pain relieving

– insomnia


-lower blood pressure

– meditation and connection to higher self.

Violet Prana is related to the Crown Chakra and is an accumulation of the other color prana characteristics. 

The use of colors in therapy are very beneficial not only on our physical bodies but our emotional well being as well.

Red can be related to ambition, stimulation, change, initiating, passion, power, aggression and liberation.

Orange can be related to joy, creativity, sensuality and pleasure.

Yellow is related to focus, self esteem, confidence and learning.

Green is related to calming, hope, money and prosperity, loving, curiosity, harmony and balance.

Blue is related to relaxing, deep inner peace, openness, insight, wisdom and clarity.

Violet relates to stimulating dreams,  releasing inner emotions, will, visions, higher mind and power.

Using the information regarding color and their therapeutic properties will benefit you in Crystal Healing.

Tomorrow  I’ll be discussing the crystal Shiva Lingam.

Thank you for reading my post.

May positive energy be sent your way!