SHIVA LINGUM what are the healing properties of this stone?


Shiva Lingam stones are found in the Narmada River in one of the holy sites of India in Onkar Mandhata. This stone has been a sacred and worshiped symbol of Lord Shiva. Local people of the area will polish the stones into the enlogated shape which represents the phallic symbol of  the Hindu God Shiva and his union with Kali his consort. Stones that are found in this shape natural are even more sacred and displayed in places of worship.

The shape of the stone also resembles the shape of the cosmic egg. The stones shape symbolizes the female and the male and their union in one sacred object.

This stone carries alot of energy possibly due to the stone being worshiped for centuries. When you tap into the energy of the stone you are also connecting with the sacredness of the stone.

The stone is used to activate the kundalini energy that is stored at the base of the spine from the base or Root Chakra . The energy once it is awoken will travel up the spine through the chakras ending with the Crown Chakra and directly connecting you to the Higher Self through meditation and mindfulness.

The kundalini ( life force energy also known as chi and Prana) cleanses and strengthens the enegy of the body and chakras. Once the entire power of kundalini  reaches the Crown Chakra it develops into the form of enlightenment.

Using the stone will increase the Vibration of your energy system which then leads to better overall health and well being. You will feel happier and see the more beautiful side of everything.

When using the stone for the three lower chakras it can help with infertility, menopausal symptoms, menstrual camps and aid in prostate disorders.

Using the stone for the heart chakra allows you to connect to the Divine Mind. It can aid you in forgiveness of others and help you become less judgemental of others.

Using the stone with your throat chakra helps with your connection to your etheric body and communication with your higher self.

When using the stone with the third eye chakra visionary abilities are increased and so is your direct connection to your higher self.

If you are looking to increase your Pranic Energy  and become more enlightened then incorporating this stone will be beneficial.

When using the stone with crysCrystal Healing you may combined other quartz crystals to boost your energy. Shiva Lingam works well with any quartz crystal such as:


Peach Morganite

Tiffany Stone


With all crystals become familiar with each individual stone before combining the stones together.

Happy healing!!

Thank you for listening.