Lemongrass One of my Favorite Essential Oils

The smell of Lemongrass Essential Oil is Amazing!! Lemony and sweet all at the sametime!

Lemongrass has many theraputic properties:

Analgesic – proxies relief from pain

Anti-bacterial– stops growth of bacteria

Anti-fungal– stops growth of fungus

Anti-inflammatory/ anti-phlogistic – reduces inflammation

Anti-microbial/anti-septic reduces microbial growth

Astrigent– contracts the skin

Carminative– prevent formation of gas in GI tract

Deoderant– reduces body odor

Digestive– benefits digestion

Insecticidal– destroys insects

Insectifuge– repels insects

Nervin/neurotonic– calms the nerves

Sedative– sedates the nerves

Lemongrass ( Cymbopogon Citractus)

As far as essential oils go it is not expensive and can be used for so many different issues. A great additive to a cleaner or for skin related issues. Can help with minor pain and inflammation and also with digestion. Emotionally lemongrass can help with depression and be soothing during emotional issues. It is a great at relaxing but at the same time uplifting and energizing!

I love this oil on it’s own or in combination with other oils to boost certain health issues.

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The Use of Essential Oils Are There Risks?

1517854136492-1060122606Essential oils have been becoming more popular lately as an alternative holistic approach for healing. You can use essential oils for a lot of different ailments and incorporate their use into everyday life. However, I fear that the cautions and dangers of using them safely is not advertised. Also if you’re having a medical issue you should seek a doctor’s opinion and have an educated understanding of what is wrong. The best way to use essential oils is in compliment with medical attention, especially for any more serious medical issue.

When using essential oils there are a lot of safety factors to consider. Many people are not educated in the safe use of oils and end up using them inappropriately. Essential oils can be used by inhalation and also topically. Each of these have their own precautions and their restrictions are individual to each essential oil.

The inhalation of oils has fewer restrictions and adverse reactions. There are a handful of ways to inhale oils and each have a recommended length of time and also an appropriate body distance for safety and therapeutic success. Did you know that it is dangerous to use certain oils with animals?  For instance any use of essential oils is not safe and even dangerous to use around cats and few are ok with dogs.

Topical use of essential oils has more restrictions and adverse reactions. For instance, there are very few instances and essential oils that you can use topically straight out of the bottle. Essential oils should be added to a carrier oil before applying to your skin per the oils topical max rate. Remember that just because they are all natural doesn’t mean they don’t have severe and even life threatening side effects.  Topical restrictions include the age of the person and the interaction precautions with certain medical conditions and medicines. There are some specific reasons for the use of oils topically. Since topical use is more complicated make sure that using the oil topically is necessary.  To receive the best therapeutic results essential oils can be properly blended together in a carrier oil. Blending essential oils can be complicated, so for the safest use consult with a professional or purchi jujuhase blended oils from a provider.

   The age restrictions for topical use:

  •  It is not safe to use any oil on a child under 6 months!
  • Even using oils before the age of 2 should be avoided.
  • For children 2-6 years of age there are some oils that are safe for topical use, but there are still sever restrictions to the topical max rate that can be applied safely.
  • Even certain adults have restrictions on which oils are safe to use and determining the appropriate safe topical max rate. Topical max rate is the percentage of the essential oil to the amount of the carrier oil.

Essential oils are not just a simple extraction from plants. They are complex and each oil is made up of its own constituents. The constitutents of each oil determines just how safe they are for each type of restrictions. Some constitutents of individual oils are carcinogenic, could cause issues with respiration, dangerous to use while pregnant or breastfeeding, can’t be used with certain medications such as blood thinners and others are phototoxic (can’t be used in the sun). I’m not saying that people with these medical conditions can’t use any essential oils. Always remember that the safety of each essential oil is individual and has its own restrictions. Also each oil has it’s own shelf life(period of safe use after extraction process), oils past their shelf life become oxidized and unsafe for topical use. When you buy an oil if the shelf life expiration or distillation date is not available, then for cautious reasons I would say that assume that it’s already around a year past extraction. An experienced and educated user can usually determine if an oil has been oxidized without the information.

Some  tips for you to use in practicing the safe use of essential oils:

  • Record the date you purchased each oil or the actual extraction date. This way you can keep track of its shelf life. However, oils can become oxidized before their shelf life has expired especially if not stored correctly.
  • When you first open an oil become familiar with its smell. Later on when you use the oil if the smell has changed then it has oxidized.
  • Check to see if the consistency or overall appearance of the oil has changed.
  • If you have any adverse reactions such as: redness, swelling, itching  or any type of irritation to the skin; then stop using this oil topically or you increase the chance of sensitization. Sensitization is the allergic reaction of the immune system. Your body is reacting to a constituent usually when the oil has been oxidized. This is a permanent reaction and the use of any essential oil with that constituent will cause this adverse reaction.
  • You can use an essential oil that has been oxidized in household cleaners, but be cautious as with any cleaner.
  • keep your essential oils in their best condition by always:  closing the top tightly and store them a cool dark place. Essential oils will oxidize faster and shorten its shelf life if not stored properly.!

Please use essential oils appropriately and with caution. When in doubt of anything consult with a  professional. You do not necessarily need to contact a Certified Aromatherapist, but someone who is certified and trained in the safe use of essential oils. I am a certified advocate in the safe use of essential oils and can make blends as need.  The cost determines on the essential oils used. Some oils are very expensive. You can contact me through this website, by email: elizabethholisticcare@yahoo.com or call me at 732-330-6484. Services Offered

What are Crystals and how can you use them in healing?

20170703_150045  Crystals are also called semi-precious gemstones. They have individually unique structures determining its energetic properties or its Vibrational signature.  The use of crystals to heal is a form of  Vibrational energy therapy known as Crystal Healing.

Crystal healing is the use of crystals placed on the body to change the energy system ( or balance and stabilize your chakras) to promote better health.

Crystals can be used for emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues. Just like there are different types of medicines to help with different ailments; crystals also are unique due to their vibrational frequencies and help aid with specefic health issues. Feel free to contact me with questions. I’m going to blog about a few different crystals over the week.

When choosing a crystal the color can be of some use in relating to what chakra it’s most beneficial with. Also a crystal you are drawn too probably means it’s a good one to use. Before use make sure to clean and charge your crystal. There are different methods including a reiki specialist. After choosing your crystal place over the general are of concern and problem and leave there for 15 minutes or so and then remove. Application of the crystal can be done on a regular basis until problem is helped. More serious issues will take longer.

** this in no way should be used in place of medical attention. Crystals are a great way to aid with medical treatment and can bring positive results. **



What is Pranic Energy and how does it relate to Color Therapy?

truecolorsWhat is Pranic Energy  and how do we use the colors for therapy?

I wanted to explain some basic concepts about colors and energy work before I blog about the different uses and benefits of Crystals.

Pranic Energy is the life energy that keeps our bodies going. The word prana is universally recognized and the most well known representations are in Japanese as “ki” and Chinese as “chi”. The three main sources of Pranic Energy are sun, wind and ground.

The sun provides Solar energy or Solar prana. This energy energizes the body and helps to maintain good health. Obtaining this energy is as simple as exposing yourself to sunlight for 5 minutes or more and drinking water out of a glass that was exposed to sunlight for a period of time. Be careful of over exposure and take required precautions when sunbathing to protect your skin.


Air prana is simply present in the air around us. We breath in the energy through the air and this allows the energy to be absorbed by the chakras.

When you think about it, one of the key elements in meditation, yoga and other forms of centering exercises is to breath slow deep breaths. This allows us to obtain the maximum amount of energy from the air.

The last form of Pranic Energy is  Ground prana. This is simply the energy present in the ground that we can obtain through our feet. The energy is directly absorbed through our feet and dispersed through our chakra centers. Walking barefoot will increase the amount of energy that can be absorbed.

One of the fundamental things of practicing Reiki is grounding oneself. Grounding is an important part of everyday life in order to keep yourself protected and centered.

The main prana colors are white, which is a combination of all the colors, red, Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue and Violet. As you may have noticed, these colors are related to our basic Chakra Centers.


Red Prana related to the Base Chakra or Root Chakra. It is good for internal and external wounds. Such as:

– circulation

– tissue and cellular repair

– broken bones

Orange Prana  is related to the Sacral chakra.  It is good for eliminating, cleansing and loosening ailments of the body. Such as:

– kidney and bladder ailments

– Removing blood clots

– colds and lung issues

Yellow Prana is related to the Solar Plexus Chakra. This is related to digestion, immune, endocrine and nervous systems. Center of our self awarness and individuality.

Green Prana is related to the Heart chakra. It is good for seeking the truth, relationships, new starts, healing and feelings. In relation to the physical body green prana aids:

– liver

– swelling

– anti-inflammatory

– eye issues

– cysts and tumors

– diabetes


Blue Prana  is related to the Throat Chakra and Third Eye Chakra. Centers for stimulating emotions, spirituality, higher mind and communication. In relation to the body:

– anti-bacterial

– anti-infection

– headaches

– communication

– pain relieving

– insomnia


-lower blood pressure

– meditation and connection to higher self.

Violet Prana is related to the Crown Chakra and is an accumulation of the other color prana characteristics. 

The use of colors in therapy are very beneficial not only on our physical bodies but our emotional well being as well.

Red can be related to ambition, stimulation, change, initiating, passion, power, aggression and liberation.

Orange can be related to joy, creativity, sensuality and pleasure.

Yellow is related to focus, self esteem, confidence and learning.

Green is related to calming, hope, money and prosperity, loving, curiosity, harmony and balance.

Blue is related to relaxing, deep inner peace, openness, insight, wisdom and clarity.

Violet relates to stimulating dreams,  releasing inner emotions, will, visions, higher mind and power.

Using the information regarding color and their therapeutic properties will benefit you in Crystal Healing.

Tomorrow  I’ll be discussing the crystal Shiva Lingam.

Thank you for reading my post.

May positive energy be sent your way!