Crystal Healing


Crystal Vibrational Therapy is a form of Vibrational Medicine. Crystal Vibrational Therapy uses energy from crystals to help heal the body, mind and spirit with electromagnetic frequencies. Everything is made up of energy and has its own unique vibration frequency level. Our body, mind and spirit also have unique vibrational frequencies that when balanced, work together to maintain good health. Crystals, which have a fixed repeating frequency level, can be used to balance the unhealthy frequencies of the body, mind and spirit.

When you think about it; the human body is affected by its environment. For example, tension or stress can alter the natural balance of our frequency levels, which can lead to different forms of physical, mental and emotional illness. The use of crystal vibrations to return the body to its optimal balanced self mimics the use of other Vibrational Medicine Therapies that are more commonly known.

Such as:

– electromagnetic fields that help the healing process of broken bones

– Implanted simulators that are used to treat pain by altering the nerve frequency patterns.

– Tens Units that use electrical frequency stimulation to help muscle spasms, strains and prevent atrophy.

radiation that is used to help treat cancer.

The Chakra system of the body is used as the guide for Crystal Vibrational Healing. The seven basic Chakra Systems of the body are the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow or Third Eye, and Crown.

Specific crystals resonate with certain Chakras and can be used to restore balance to the body, mind and Spirit.

During a Crystal Vibrational treatment I will check the balance of each of your seven main Chakras. I will then proceed to place specific Crystals on top of each Chakra in order to return balance. If one of your Chakras is out of balance, then the rest of the systems are strained and not functioning correctly and this can lead to different health issues.

Crystals can be used to make Gem Water, Grids and elixirs; which are also beneficial in helping to heal ones body, mind and spirit.

The body is mostly made up of water so using infused water by crystals, Gem Water, is beneficial to maintaining optimal health. Gem Water can bring balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit.

Grids can also be used to help treat different concerns, desires and health issues. Crystal grids are used to attract, establish, transform, and amplify energy and intention in regards of a desired purpose. Grids are made with specific crystals that correlated to each individuals’ needs. A Crystal Vibrational Therapist will place these crystals into a particular geometric shape and then activate the grid with specefic intent to acquire a certain desired purpose. The intent is stored with in the Crystals and remains constant as long as the grid is laid out and activated.

Crystal Healing can be performed in an in person session or by a distance Healing Session. Which ever works best for you.

Wearing or carrying crystals can be beneficial for many different issues. You can find my handmade crystal healing jewelry on under the name Holistic Care By Elizabeth.

I also can make custom jewelery pieces for your individual health needs.