Services Offered


White Light Reiki

– intial consult and hour session $70.00

– one hour session $65.00

– half our session $35.00

– Distant Reiki Session $60.00
Crystal Vibrational Therapy

-$45.00 total body crystal layout, checking of each main chakra and restoring chakra balance.

– Crystal Grid starts at $30.00

Crystal Grid distantly

I can make you a grid distantly and set my intentions to go to your needs and benefit. I can keep Grid up for a period of time. We will have a phone session to discuss your needs. I will send you a picture of the grid after it’s set and complete.


– Crystal House Grid $60.00 initial set up plus cost of Crystals. $35.00 every few months for crystal clearing and recharging grid.

– House cleansing starts at $85.00 for first two hours each additional hour is $10.00.
Aromatherapy Session

-$30.00 in which I do a full body layout clearing chakras with essential oils.

– Essential Oil Consult $30.00 (needed to make customized blends and products for your health concerns) plus cost of Essential Oils.

– Essential Oil Products are priced depending on amount of and type of Oils used.
Aromatherapy (added to any service)
– $15.00
Handmade Custom Jewelry

Prices for range from $15.00-$60.00 depending on materials used, type of product and rarity of crystal.Handmade Crystal Jewelry